Women doing nothing, Gotlands Konstmuseum, 2021


Women doing nothing
multichannel installation, loop, 2021

She buys food, she comforts the children, she dusts, she calls her friends, she works full time, she breastfeeds, she puts the children to bed, she calls her relatives, she arranges pillows, she defrosts the freezer, she packs bags, she carries the children, she fills the children’s pool, she does the laundry, she plans trips, she makes beds, she picks up the children at the preschool, she waters the flowers, she cleans the oven, she washes the children’s hair, she goes to parent meetings, she reads the newspaper, she plans holidays, she sorts out the drawers, she wipes the bathroom mirror, she brushes the children’s teeth, she fills the dishwasher, she remembers school trips, she reads fairy tales, she makes lunch boxes, she replants the plants, she goes to the child care centre, she helps the children with their homework, she repaints the house, she pays bills, she plans the dinner, she wakes the children, she calls the parents-in-law, she dresses the children, she makes burgers and fries, she plays peekaboo, she combs the children’s hair, she puts on moisturiser, she teaches the children how to ride a bike, she vacuums, she is on parental leave, she goes on a diet, she studies, she watches the news, she cleans the windows, she peels potatoes, she cleans mushrooms, she puts sunscreen on the kids, she shaves her legs, she picks mushrooms, she rocks the children, she makes coffee, she makes cookies, she puts on make-up, she wraps presents, she bakes a cake, she makes the bed, she leaves the children at preschool, she commutes to work, she buys clothes for the children, she folds the laundry, she goes to the playground, she sorts out the wardrobe, she teaches the children how to swim, she changes the curtains, she repaints the walls, she works out, she irons shirts, she feeds the children with a baby bottle, she puts together photo albums, she braids the children’s hair, she makes shopping lists, she raises the children, she accompanies the children to the dentist, she bakes bread, she cooks Christmas food, she sews, she goes to the maternity centre, she sings Itsy Bitsy Spider, she arranges parties, she plucks her eyebrows, she plays hide and seek, she takes walks with the stroller, she builds huts, she refurnishes, she buys presents, she puts clothes out for the next day, she buys tickets, she wipes the hall mirror, she hides Easter eggs, she packs the suitcases, she washes the car, she drives the children, she makes spaghetti, she prepares breakfast, she arranges snacks, she remembers birthdays, she bakes buns, she plants flowers, she bathes the children, she grows vegetables, she feeds the children, she makes porridge, she uses the breast pump, she changes light bulbs, she hangs clothes in the drying cabinet, she cleans the sink, she cleans the drain, she dresses the children in outdoor clothing, she walks with friends, she reads books about upbringing, she sends Christmas cards, she empties the dishwasher, she makes hot chocolate, she takes the children to the beach, she dusts off the shelves, she cuts the children’s hair, she mixes juice, she knits socks, she donates money to charity, she ties the children’s shoes, she cuts the grass, she does the dishes, she cleans the children’s rooms, she buys toys, she changes nappies, she hangs the laundry out to dry, she feeds the cat, she oils the outdoor furniture, she weeds the flowerbeds, she empties the litter box, she mops the floors, she puts clothes in the closet, she recycles, she puts a plaster on her children, she takes out the rubbish, she teaches the children to tie their shoes, she undresses the children, she goes to the library, she decorates the home, she cuts the children’s nails, she goes to the hairdresser, she washes pillows and blankets, she accompanies the children to the doctor, she takes the dog for a walk, she buys sweets, she empties the children’s pool, she makes tacos.